My name is Andreas Hontzia, I live in Munich and I work professionally in the field of information security. — I ♥️ to hack, design, write and make.


At day…

I work full-time to help people securing their businesses by finding old and new vulnerabilities, simulating adversarial attacks, exploiting their systems, reporting findings, and making actionable recommendations in order to minimize their risk to get pwned beyond good and evil. Some people call this information security consulting, penetration testing, or even red teaming, but the attackers simply do not care.

At night…

I discover and explore the unknown. I am driven by curiosity and passion. This ultimately got me into information security and is a great way to learn. I am very thankful for all those great people and resources out there, which helped me to become a professional. I want to give back to the community and therefore I share my personal work. For example: I found a way to create reverse shells with OpenSSL and certificate pinning and I designed a XSL stylesheet with Bootstrap for Nmap out of pure frustration.

Selected Articles


You can follow me in the Fediverse on Mastodon, fork me on GitHub, read my articles on Medium, or simply write to andreas.hontzia@honze.net. If you are looking for a speaker for your event or conference, please write an email. Please only use this PGP key.